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We at Magic Pitara,nurture and groom children towards an independent, creative and confident adulthood. We also promote learning through fun and games. Our teaching methodology not only fosters the intelligence of a child but also help in developing them into well rounded personalities. Magic Pitara provides a healthy environment for children to grow and discover their true potential. In the journey of discovering themselves, learning shall happen naturally.

Our Mission

The Magic Pitara's mission is to nurture and develop children into independent, confident individual who display high emotional and intelligence quotient. Our Space Are Built To Enhance Your Little One's Natural Curiosity And Unlock Their Talents

Learn And Play

Incorporating play and learning together fosters a comfortable environment for preschoolers, where they can seamlessly enhance their skills.

Child Focused Environment

Creating a child-focused environment that integrates play and learning cultivates a comfortable atmosphere,supported by the warmth allowing preschoolers to thrive and develop holistically.

Great Teachers

Great teachers facilitate a nurturing environment for preschoolers, seamlessly blending play and learning to create a comfortable and enriching experience.

Just Like Home

Crafting an environment just like home, where play and learning harmoniously coexist, children can freely explore, learn, and grow ensures preschoolers feel comfortable and secure while thriving in their educational journey.

How To Let Your Child Study At Magic Pitara?

Let your child attend Magic Pitara to help your child develop comprehensively in all aspects.

Guiding The Young Generation To Success.

Magic Pitara, located in the welcoming neighborhood of Kamhote in Navi Mumbai, has been a beloved preschool for the past decade. Committed to offering a nurturing and inclusive environment, Magic Pitara seamlessly integrates play and learning to foster holistic development in every child. With dedicated educators, an enriching curriculum, and a cozy atmosphere, Magic Pitara provides a space where children feel at ease, motivated, and eager to explore the world around them.

Our Vision

At Magic Pitara, we envision a world where every child's potential is nurtured, their curiosity ignited, and their love for learning fostered in a safe and inclusive environment.

Our Mission

Through a play-based curriculum, dedicated educators, and a supportive community, we strive to empower each child to discover their unique talents, build strong foundations for academic success, and become confident, compassionate individuals who positively impact the world around them.
Holistic range of

Educational Services

At Magic Pitara, we offer a comprehensive early childhood education experience encompassing Playgroup to Senior KG, where children engage in playful learning, build essential skills, and develop a strong foundation for academic success, all within a nurturing and supportive environment.


Our Playgroup program provides a fun and stimulating introduction to early learning, fostering socialization and foundational skills in a nurturing environment.


In Nursery, we focus on building essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills through engaging activities and age-appropriate learning experiences.

Junior KG

Our Junior KG curriculum is designed to encourage curiosity, creativity, and independence, preparing children for the transition to formal schooling.

Senior KG

In Senior KG, we aim to further develop academic readiness, critical thinking, and social skills, laying a strong foundation for future success in school and beyond.
our programs
Age-based learning at its finest.

Tailoring education to each stage of development

At Magic Pitara, we provide a holistic range of educational services encompassing Playgroup, Nursery, Junior KG, and Senior KG, ensuring children thrive through playful learning experiences in a nurturing environment.
Discover a nurturing environment in our Nursery program, where children grow, learn, and develop essential skills with the support of caring educators, setting the stage for future academic success.
Dive into a fun-filled learning adventure in our Playgroup, where little ones explore through play, build social skills, and lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.
Ignite young minds in our Junior KG program, where active learning and exploration spark creativity, critical thinking, and independence, preparing children for the next step in their educational journey.
Propel towards academic and social success in our Senior KG program, where children further develop readiness skills and confidence, equipping them for a smooth transition to formal schooling and a bright future ahead.

About Our Achievements


We are proud to have received several prestigious awards in recognition of our commitment to excellence in early childhood education.
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Summer camp for our little champs



In the evenings, our preschool transforms into a vibrant activity center, offering enriching programs designed to foster creativity, social skills, and fun for children beyond regular school hours. With a variety of engaging activities, from arts and crafts to music and games, we provide a dynamic space for continued learning and enjoyment in the evenings.
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